Booking Information for MacArthur Lloyd

We would love to provide entertainment for your next event. See below for our rider, tech requirements and booking info.

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FEES: Fees are negotiated on a per event basis depending on travel distance and additional criteria. Contact us for more info.

Performance Rider (Tech Requirements etc.)

1. A clean and adequately furnished stage at least 10' wide and 8' deep shall be provided with sufficient power for amps and lights (at least one 30 amp outlet)

2. All payments shall be made by Cash, Certified check or Money order. No monies shall be deducted from the contract fee.

3. No rights to record, transmit, or televise by any means or for any purposes the performances of the MacArthur Lloyd or the Band without permission from MacArthur Lloyd Herein known as "ARTIST".

4. In case of late arrival due to circumstances beyond the control of the ARTIST (weather, airline faults, traffic delay s, etc.) PURCHASER must use every resource to see the concert does take place when the ARTIST arrives in the city of engagement. The concert cannot be cancelled for the above reasons by the Purchaser without consent of the ARTIST.

5. The ARTIST reserves the right to cancel this contract in the event of an act of God, Government, restrictions or strikes.

6. The ARTIST usually provides all PA, Lights and Technical equipment. When this isn't the Case, the PURCHASER shall supply and pay for first class sound system plus professional engineer to run the sound system.

7. The ARTIST has the exclusive right to sell and retain 100% of monies from merchandise such as CD s, Posters, T-Shirts, Videos, Photos, etc with own sales person unless other arrangements are agreed to.

8. An adequately furnished dressing room shall be required for ARTISTS including chairs, towels, lavatory facilities.

9. Where mealtime conflicts with engagement times, the PURCHASER shall provide hot meal for each band member and road crew.

10. The PURCHASER shall provide 1 clean room for each artist (double occupancy) plus ground transportation in exceptional cases.

Fees are to be negotiated and agreed upon in advance, verbal agreements are binding if a written contract is not provided.